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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

What is the truth of the claim of 'death of 292 extremists' in Balakot?

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On the social media, an alleged Whatsapp chat is being claimed that 292 extremists were killed in an attack by the Indian Air Force in Balakot, Pakistan.

Those who have shared screenshots of this alleged conversation in Whitesap Groups and Facebook Groups have claimed that these conversations have happened between any of their Indian friends and someone named 'Doctor Ijaz' who lives in Balakot.

Most people have shared 3 screenshots with this claim.
Some people have also claimed that the person whose name is visible in the screenshot is only a doctor in Balakot and the day the air strikes were held, they were present near the spot. So they can tell the exact figure of the dead. '

What's in the screenshot?

Are viral on social media this 'chat' look on starting something significant like this:
Character 1: Hey brother what is this ... Tomorrow, the Indian Army has an Air Strike ... Is this a true story or is the media showing itself?
Character 2: Janab, some air force aircrafts were in Balakot and the nearby area ... but it is wrong to cross the LoC ... but Allah has mercy.
Character 1: Yes, some 12 planes went ... but if Jaish-e-Mohammad attacks Pakistan, then India will not answer it ... And brother, tell how many people were killed?
Character 2: Brother ... no locals were killed ... those who were killed were extremists ... we were troubled by them.

This is the part of the so-called conversation that has been shared most frequently on social media.
The number of dead in this screenshot is almost as much as some of India's media channels have been saying on the basis of unconfirmed information.
Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah also said that more than 250 extremists were killed in this attack on Sunday.
Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa said on Monday that counting the number of people killed in the attack is not of the Air Force. Those goals were given to Air Force, they hit them.
The Government of India has not officially issued any statement on the number of people killed in this attack.

Message - True or Lies?

On the basis of whatsapp messages, people who understand the fact that 292 extremists are correct, they actually seem to have a sophisticated message, because the most important thing is that there is no medical university in Balakot town of Pakistan.
Balakot is in Manchera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This town is one of the four ancient coastal areas of the Indus Valley Civilization and is situated on the banks of the Kunhar river.
The most popular Balakot for tourism in Pakistan is located approximately 160 kilometers from the capital of Islamabad.
According to the Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan, the closest government medical college for people in Balakot town is located in Abbottabad.
The Indian Air Force had on Tuesday banned the bomb near Balakot on 26th February, the BBC's ally, Mr Jarral, who first spoke to locals and eyewitnesses, has confirmed this .
He told BBC correspondent Prashant Chahal , "There is no medical university in Balakot. There is only one 'Basic Health Unit' in Balakot, which has a Doctor and some people are staffed. There is no facility to recruit patients is."

Jarral explains, "After the attack, we had seen the 'Basic Health Unit' of Balakot, Mansarra and Garhi Bulla, but there was no one injured person there, all of which were located at a distance of about half an hour from the location of the Health Center attack. Are. "
Journalist Shariz Hassan, who had been living in Punjab from Punjab, made fun of this viral message on Twitter saying that 'terrorism' and 'wounded' words are not used in Pakistan.

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