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Sunday, March 3, 2019

What did Bumrahah say on Umesh's last over?

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On Sunday evening, a very exciting T20 match was played between India and Australia in Visakhapatnam.
In this first match of the two-match series, Australia made a winning run against the last ball and took three wickets in the match.
But in the last two overs this match has changed so much that so many spectators sitting in the stadium stuck to their chairs till the end

Story of last two overs

Following the easy target of 127 runs from India on the slow pitch of Visakhapatnam, the Australian team was growing steadily towards victory.
Australia needed only 16 runs in the last two overs and five of their batsmen were left.
The world's best T20 bowler Jaspreet Bumrah, who scored 19th over of the match,
Bumrahah bowled according to his name and put a precise yorker to give only two runs in Kangaroo batsmen. Along with this, Bumrah hit two wickets in this over.
After the 19th over was over, the match came to India. Now Australia were to score 14 runs in the last over and two new batsmen were present at the crease.

But Umesh Yadav, who came in the last over, failed to save 14 runs. In their over, Australian batsmen struck two fours and won the victory.
After this over Umesh, many types of posts were posted on social media. In all these posts Umesh Yadav was held responsible for the defeat.
What did Bumrahah say on Umesh ?
In many posts, people wrote that Umesh Yadav spoiled the entire hard work of Jaspreet Bumrah.
It is interesting to know that after this defeat, Jaspreet Bumrah was thinking of what he had to think and what he had to think about Umesh Yadav's last over.
Talking to the media after the match, Bumrah referred to Umesh's last over.
"It is never easy to put the last over in such a close match, because you do not know who will win in the match after the over and who will lose. Yes, we wanted to win the match, but the last over is not easy for any bowler. "
In this match, Bumrah scored only 16 runs in his four overs and three wickets shattered. Umesh Yadav spent 35 runs in four overs and he did not get any success.

What was going on in the Australian camp?

During the last over, the beats of Australian players were also up and down. During this, James Maxwell sitting in a dongout was wondering what he was thinking.
"When I needed 14 runs in the last over, I told Finch that the best player to do this in our team is Pat Cummins, he has won so many times in this way. On such occasions, they keep their mind very cold. "

Dhoni's slow batting

Earlier, batting first, batting first, the Indian team's batting could not do much better. Keel Rahul, who was returning to the team, certainly made half-century, but he could not take the team to the big score.
Former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni batted tick, but his strike rate was so slow that many questions were raised on that.
Dhoni faced 37 balls and scored 29 runs. In this innings he just hit a six that came in the last over of the Indian innings.
On Dhoni's batting, Bumrah said that he believes in taking the match to the end.

Bumrah said, "In the circumstances of the match Dhoni was batting, it was not easy. The ball was not coming on the bat. Dhoni was trying to handle the innings and he always believes in taking the match to the end. Yes, if the team had 15-20 runs in the score, then the result of the match could have changed. "
The second T20 match between India and Australia will be played on 27th February. After this the two teams will play a five-match ODI series.
This is the last international series of India before the World Cup.

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