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Sunday, March 3, 2019

The oldest actress Kamini Kaushal

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Kamini Kaushal, who remains the heroine of stars like Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand, is the most senior, oldest actress in Bollywood today.

Kamini Kaushal, 92, is the heroine of Old Classic films like Biraj Bahu, Shaheed, Jiddi, Nee Nagar, Nadia Cross and Arju.
Uma Kashyap is the original name of Kamini Kaushal. Who was born on 25 February 1927 in Lahore At the time when it was not considered too good to teach girls, in that time Uma did BA in English literature. He also took interest in many arts like swimming, horse riding, skiing, painting and Bharatnatyam dance and also learned about them all.
Actually, Uma Kashyap is the daughter of Professor Shiv Ram Kashyap who did many great works in agriculture, Botany and also called 'Father of Botany'. Professor Kashyap gave full freedom to all his children without discriminating the girl child, who gave his full freedom to do all that his children wanted to do.
This was the reason that Uma got encouragement from her family for coming to the movies. While Uma did not want to go to the movies herself

Name obtained from Chetan Anand

Uma Kashyap was given Kamini Kaushal Nava by filmmaker Chetan Anand, with whom he made the first film, 'Neecha Nagar'. 'Neecha Nagar', released in 1946, received the prestigious award of 'Golden Palm' at the Cannes Film Festival, for the first time at the international level, Indian fame was given great fame.
If Kamini Kaushal is seen in the acting journey starting from the year 1946, Ajatak continues.
Earlier, he did many films as a heroine. Once it was done that his hero Dilip Kumar wanted to marry him. But the circumstances became such that after the sudden demise of his sister, he married his brother-in-law, BS Sood. So that he can take care of his younger sister's two daughters.
Kamini Kaushal is a heroine who has been successful in the form of heroine even after marriage.
For his 'Biraj Bahu' film, he also got the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award in 1956. Later, Kamini Kaushal played his second innings in character roles in many films, such as favors, heirs, two paths, memorable, east and west, gifts, noise, roti cloths and houses, monks, love cities and heaven hell.

Even now, she often keeps doing serials and films. Some years ago Kamini ji 'stained in Laga Chunari' and she also appeared in Shahrukh Khan's movie "Chennai Express" in a special role.
The versatile talent of versatile talent is definitely 92 years old, but even today it is as beautiful as before and fit too.
It's always nice to talk to me from this great actress. In the last few days, I visited him in his Mumbai home after a long time and made a special visit to him. I'm sharing with you some special talk of conversation-
How do you celebrate your birthday or any special preparation?
Celebrate your birthday just with your family. There have been lots of chaos before birth day, now it is like enjoying peace. It's time to stay calm. This is where happiness comes. On the back of my children, I celebrated my birthday by giving a big party at the club house. But I saw then the noise drops more. In such a situation, guests can not have a conversation with their family members. So on the evening of the birthday only the family was celebrated with the house.
What was this made of evening party, your favorite?
I have been kept away from the kitchen. Well I keep cooking myself. The cake itself will also make me But my son Rahul said that I will not make anything myself. Just relax Therefore, whoever will make children, will make them. I'm glad that I've got very good kids. All of my care is very good. Two sons live in America and England. But do call me equal. The youngest son in London is Vidur. He makes a call every morning without making a call. My day starts with his phone. Even now, Happy Birthday wishes are given by all.

Last time, I remember you Amitabh Bachchan too sent a very wide tree-like bouquet with his best wishes!
Laughing..It was just like a tree. Amitabh Bachchan gives me great respect. Even among his busy ones, he likes to remember my birth day and send greetings. Actually there is an old relationship between his family and us. His mother was fast Bachchan and my elder sister Usha was a good friend from the college days in Lahore.
Jaya Bhaduri, who was then with her first film 'Gift' on her return to Mumbai after taking training from the Pune Film Institute.
Yes, he was with 'Gift' and later also with him the film. Jaya and Abhishek also got 'stained in lava chunari'. But let me tell you, I did Jayya in Poona Film Institute too. I was then in their selection committee. Then Amitabh was not even married to her. However today it is not possible to get more matches with them. But whenever we meet, we meet well.
Which of the people of the film industry is meeting your people these days?
I have not had much friendship in the film industry. It is only possible to meet people at the wedding ceremony. Anyways, I live on Malabar Hill, now the people of the film world are few, which were two four, they are no longer there. If anyone is thought of meeting someone, then all are away. Yes, if the National Film Museum was inaugurated on Peddar Road then I had called him then I went. Then meet many new-age people. Manoj Kumar also met With whom I have made many films.
Has this meeting met Prime Minister Modi Ji ?
But after two minutes of meeting, some people got Modi ji and my photos too. Actually everybody wanted to meet Modi ji. Prime Minister Modi is a very good and positive person. I like their work too

Do you ever meet Dilip Kumar ji?
Dilip saheb is very sick now. Why do they have trouble together? Anyway he does not meet most of the people When they were fine, they would have never met.
What are your routine these days? At first you were making your own serial too. Puppet also made a lot of you, made puppet shows too. Still what makes the puppet etc.?
No longer do not make papets. I still have many caps made by me. But new ones do not make it now I do not do anything like that. I have an old hobby of keeping pets. These days I have a cat licked. However, I kept this cat so that two crows have made their house in my drawing room. They used to come to my garden and I started giving them something to eat. But seeing this, they took their place in my house. From this I can not sleep even now, and I can not even sit. Both crows are very noisy I kept the cat so that the crows ran away fearing him but he had become a friend in the crows and crows. Crows are not afraid of cat, cat catches them upside down.
Do you worship rituals too?
I'll do exactly that. Although that is all my very personal matter. I do not display the worship of God. I have also built my small temple in my bedroom in the house. I do not allow anyone to do photography to anyone But I should tell you that in my temple, even today it is the Shivling which was brought from my father's goom.

He was one of the first people to go astray. Then we used to live in Lahore. But when we came here after partition, I brought that Shivalinga with me. That Shivalinga will now be 100 years old, but I have kept it with me so much till today.

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