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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Much of the silence of Muslims in China on cruelty to Muslims

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Last year, the BBC had found in one of its investigations that China has made an internment for the Weigar Muslims in its western province Xinjiang.

In recent years, China has built similar buildings like this in the Xinjiang province.
The BBC had reached Dabchengeng town before looking at that shelter camp. China has consistently denied that it has kept the Muslims in jail without trial. China has imparted the curtain of training to hide this lie.
China has launched a massive campaign to suppress and tune the voices of criticism all over the world. China says that the main objective of these centers is to combat insurgency.
If there is a perceived atrocity against Muslims in any country of the world, then the Muslim-majority countries openly object to this. Many Muslim countries, including Pakistan, have also taken finger on the violence against minorities in India.
Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that Muslims are not Mahfuzs in India.

Turkish voices

Interestingly, there is silence in Muslim countries about its cruelty against the Weigar Muslims in China. For the first time Turkey raised a voice against China on February 10 this month and said that China has kept millions of Muslims in detention camp. Turkey demanded the closure of those camps from China.
Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksay said that this step of China is against humanity. Apart from Turkey, no Muslim country in the world has raised the voice against this stance of China.
Pakistan has many extremist organizations in the name of Islam, but these extremist organizations rarely make any statement against China.
Recently, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has done a tour of Pakistan, India and China. When Salman asked the Muslims in China to stay in detention camps, then they defended China.
Salman said, "China has complete right to take action against terrorism and national security." Salman has given it a fight against terrorism and extremism.

What is Saudi doing?

On the other hand, in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Saudi Arabia has strongly condemned the action of Indian security forces in India-administered Kashmir.
Why did the crown prince of Saudi Arabia defend China? There is a Mecca-Medina in Saudi Arabia and it is the sacred site of Muslims around the world. Saudi Arabia also recognizes the country of Muslims. Why is Saudi China supporting the atrocities against Muslims?
The Washington Post has written in its editorial that it is absolutely natural to defend Crown Prince Salman's China.
The editorial states, "This defense can be easily understood. China recently supported the right to assassinate the Saudi secrecy and described it as its internal matter. Your internment camp is your internal matter and my intrigue for murder is my internal matter. It's amazing. We think each other as a good person. "

Five months ago, Turkish origin journalist Jamal Khashogzi was killed in Turkey. This murder took place in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. In this case, Saudi has lied many and later all the lies have been caught.
After Khasogogi's assassination, many such facts came out that it was revealed that the Saudi Arabian government was involved in it.
Last year when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked why he does not speak anything about atrocities against Muslims in China, he was abnormally silent.

Former cricketer made Pakistan's PM, Imran said he does not know much about this. On the other hand, Imran Khan has condemned the atrocities against Rohingyas in Myanmar.
The friendship of Pakistan and China is world-famous. China is investing 60 billion dollars in China Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan. On the other hand, China also has billions of dollars of Chinese debt. Thirdly, Pakistan sees China as a strong partner against India in the Kashmir dispute. In such a situation, Pakistan considers itself to be silent against the Vigar Muslims in China.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi and Pakistan, all over the Muslim-majority countries, have remained silent on the whole issue. On the other side, these countries have been vocal against the Rohingya Muslims condemning the violence committed in Myanmar.

Fear of China's counterattack

Pakistan has so far said that the Western media has presented the issue of Vigar Muslims in China with sensationalism.
Expert Michael Clarke's expertise at the Australian University, the reason for the understatement of Muslim countries is the main reason for China's economic power and counter-terrorism fears.
Clarke told ABC , "Muslim countries say so against Myanmar because it is a weak country. It is easy to put international pressure on him. China's economy is 180 times bigger than countries like Myanmar. In such a way it is more in your rights to forget to criticize. "
Since 2005 China has invested $ 144 billion in Middle East and North Africa Meanwhile, China invested $ 121.6 billion in Malaysia and Indonesia. China has made huge investments in government oil companies of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. At the same time, China has pledged huge investment in Asia, Middle East and Africa under its ambitious Plan Belt One Road.
In China, Weigher is speaking the countries of Australia and Europe, besides the United States, on the atrocities on Muslims, but Muslims are justified to remain silent. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has given more recognition to this apology by defending China.

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