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Monday, March 4, 2019

India does not want war between India and Pakistan

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India's largest neighbour is China, which has a long border of India. There is a border of 3,500 kilometers between the two countries.

In 1962, there has been a war between the two countries, in which India had to face a shameful defeat. Pakistan is an all-time friend of China, where China has invested $ 60 billion under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project.
India and Pakistan have historically hostile relationships. There have been two wars between the two countries. Apart from this, tensions in Kashmir are also maintained in both the countries.
China and Pakistan have friendship, but China-neutral between India and Pakistan was in both wars (1965 and 1971). In these wars, China did not provide military assistance to Pakistan against India.
When there is tension in India and Pakistan, then everyone is waiting for China's stance. Pakistan expects that China's sympathy will remain with her. Although China is on Kashmir, the two countries resolve this issue through negotiations.

Diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan have reached the lowest level in the last two weeks. After more than 40 CRPF jawans were killed in the Pulwama district of India-administered Kashmir, India took action in Balakot, Pakistan.
After this, Pakistan killed a fighter plane from India across the LoC and arrested the pilot. Although Pakistan released the pilot, the conditions are still stressful.
It is being said that India attacked this kind of attack in Pakistan for the first time since 1971. There is a dispute over Kashmir which also limits the Chinese side. China has different ties with Pakistan and India, but it is not easy for both of them to take a candid side of one country.
China has very close economic, diplomatic and military relations with Pakistan. China is facing a long trade war from the United States and is looking for an alternative partner.
In such a situation, emerging economy like India is not a bad option for China. Prime Minister Modi has gone to China many times during his five-year tenure.
This week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had asked India and Pakistan to maintain self-restraint and focus on the terrain peace and stability.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Mahmoud Qureshi had called Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi between this tension and requested India to play constructive role in reducing tension.
In this phone, the Foreign Minister of China had said, "All countries must follow sovereignty and territorial unity. China does not want to be an action that violates rules and regulations of international relations. "
Steve Song is the director of China Institute at the SOAS University of London. Sang told CNNthat if tension increases in India and Pakistan, then it will not benefit China at any level. "

Sung says, "China can not afford to be catastrophic in Pakistan, but in the same way I feel that China does not want that Indians engage in this war."
Sanga believes that the long-standing tension between Kashmir and Pakistan between Pakistan and India has never been a big problem for China. There was no impact on the friendship of China and Pakistan in this tension, but this week it was a situation of tension between the two countries and it was also uncomfortable for China.
Sung says, "China wants to do something that is doing something to reduce the tension, but does not want to weaken its commitment to Pakistan. But China also does not want to go so much in favor of Pakistan that India donald trump should go completely in the yard. "
India says that it is taking action against terrorism in Kashmir and Balakot has also targeted militant hideouts.

China has organized mass camps for Weigar Muslims in their northwestern province of Shinjiang. This is China's most controversial policy and it is being criticized all over the world. China justifies it and argues that it is a necessary step to fight terrorism.
Song believes that in such a situation, China can not be rigidly with India because China is also acting against terrorism. In such a situation, China has the best option to talk about peace establishment between the two countries.
Han Hague is an expert in South Asia Studies at Peking University She says that China has strong ties with Pakistan while the United States has an influence in India.
Sustainability in South Asia is in the right of China and he would not want it to be broken. "
For the last several years, China has moved forward in South Asia with a balance of policy. He can not manage his economic interests in the atmosphere of tension in this area. In July 2017, there was a military tension between China and India for months in Dokalam.

Docmal is in Bhutan and India says that it is building a military in the border area which is a violation of the rules.
The soldiers of both countries are face to face for months. But in April 2018, before a formal meeting between India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China's President Xi Jinping, a positive initiative has emerged and stress was over.
China's official newspaper Daily China says there is a difference between the two countries but the common interests of both of them are high. Therefore the differences are left behind. China has historically been a friend of Pakistan and it is. Pakistan is the biggest buyer of Chinese arms. According to the Think Tank CSIS , between 2008 and 2017, Pakistan has made a $ 6 billion arms deal with China.

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