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Monday, March 4, 2019

How do the soldiers know that the war is for the country or for the government

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It is fine that some fears are good but many fears are not good.

Rather than being a weapon of relief and progress, instead of becoming a weapon of progress and progress, they started scaring hundreds of crores of people across boundaries like those who have nothing except fear of losing life, so this fear is not good.
When the question arises in the heart of the soldier that he is giving life to the country or for any government and whether this country and the government will take care of his family fully after that or leave his family on their own No such fear is good.
When the voter is prepared to fear that the person I am voting will consider this vote as his own promise or will make my vote a ladder of selfish practice then this fear is not good.
The foundation of the relations of any two countries can be found in the land, the bricks of fear and the ignorance of ignorance, but to understand each other, every window of the brain should be closed and this window should never fall into the heart. So this fear is not good.

When it is feared that only a terrorist is enough to justify the practical wisdom of the whole country to make a hostage on his impotent agenda, then this fear is not good.
When it is feared that the media can reduce the fear of spreading from any event and encourage those who fear, and instead of going to the bottom of this incident, instead of searching the petrol of the mouth in the mouth and start shouting towards the sky If you do this then thinking that the fear that is born is not good.
If you do not believe then the example of Rwanda is present. Where the radio and the channels had plundered millions of corpses under the guise of huts and turses and there was not a single shit on the neck.
When I become part of the crowd only because of this fear that if I do not become part of the crowd then I will die or my hookah-water will be stopped or it will be full of fear, then this fear is not good.

Even when the devil of fascism came to frighten me in the hope of democracy, then this fear is not good. When I kill the victim at the fear that someone has told me that if he does not hit him today, then one day he will kill me, then this fear is neither good for me nor for the front person.
This fear is good only for those who have no other weapon except to scare them. Someone may even tell how to kill fear so that fear can scare away.
There will definitely be such a way, but what will happen to those who scare again, and then what will happen to the production of fear and the industry?

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