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Monday, March 4, 2019

#Balakot: Why did Pakistan counter strike when it dropped bombs in the jungle: Air Force chief Dhanah

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Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa has given statement on the forthcoming move ahead of the Balakote attack in Pakistan on Monday, Wing Commander congratulations and against extremism.

After the extremist attack in Pulwama of India-administered Kashmir, Indian Air Force attacked in Balakot area of ​​Pakistan. India had said that it targeted the training camp of extremist organization Jaish-e Mohammed, although Pakistan denies this claim of India.
There are various discussions about this attack in the media and among these discussions, the Air Chief has answered some unresolved questions.

How many extremists were killed in the air strikes?

The target that was given to Indian Air Force was hit. If we had dropped bombs in the jungles, then why would Pakistan need to respond? Air Force can not say how many people were killed in the attack because we did not count the number of people who died. After this campaign, the damage caused to the bomb has been assessed. And the number of deaths depends on the presence of people present at that place during the attack.

Why did MiG-21 bison be used?

If the IAF has MiG-21 bison, then why would the Air Force not use them? The Air Force is still running the campaign, in such a situation, I will not say which aircraft we are using. As far as MiG-21 aircraft is concerned, it is a strong aircraft, it has been upgraded some time ago. There are all things in it, including air-to-air missiles, better radar systems, which change it from a plane of a third generation to a three-and-a-half janation plane. Air Force uses all the aircraft present.

Will the Wing commander now be able to fly congratulatory fighter aircraft?
Wing Commander congratulations present had to be ejected from his plane. Whether or not they sit in the cockpit of Fighter Plane, it will depend on their medical fitness. If they need some kind of treatment then they will be given treatment. After this he will be able to fly fighter aircraft after his medical fitness has been proven.

Will the Wing Commander congratulate the unit?

We normally do not change the unit so quickly. Until he recovers, he will not be able to fly the fighter plane. I want to tell you that I had to leave the plane once and it had a serious effect on the body. If the body does not reclaim after the first ejection and you make an ejection once again, then the pilot may have to pass on the whole wheelchair. In such a situation, we can not take a chance on the fitness of a fighter pilot.
You know that even in the selection of fighter pilot, the percentage of failure is very high as we examine the candidate's spinal cord etc. so that it can be ascertained whether he will be able to tolerate ejection or not.

Did Pakistan violate the agreement with the United States?
I do not know what the terms of the contract for F-16 planes between Pakistan and USA are. If the terms of the agreement include these planes can not be used in aggressive activities then they must have violated these conditions. Because we have got pieces of ammunition missiles in our area which we have also shown. I think he lost his F-16 Aircraft Aircraft in the air struggle. In this way they are definitely using the F-16 aircraft for us.

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