Wednesday, March 6, 2019

India vs Australia: India beat Australia by eight runs in a thrilling match

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India defeated Australia by eight runs in the second ODI in an exciting match played in Nagpur.

With this victory, India have moved ahead 2-0 in the five-match one-day series. India won this 500th match in the ODIs.
Australia were to score 11 runs to win in the last over and the ground was Nathan Lyon and Marcus Stoneynis. In the first ball of Marcus overs, Vijay Shankar's ball became LBW.
On this decision of the Empire, Stoney's reviewed but did not get any benefit. Vijay Shankar took another wicket on the third ball and it was Australia's last wicket. The whole team of Australia could have scored 242 runs in 49.3 overs.
Vijay Shankar surprised everyone with his performance in this match. Shankar played a major role in defeating Australia.
Marcus Stoneynis, the only half-century to hit Australia, was the only player to play. After Markus, Peter Handscombe scored the highest score of 48 runs. Kuldeep Yadav top-scored for India with three wickets in hand.

India first scored a score of 250 runs. In the second ODI in Nagpur, Australia had decided to field first by winning the toss.
Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan came to open for India but Sharma got out without opening the account and Shikhar Dhawan was dismissed for a total of 21 runs.
40th century of Kohli
Team India captain Virat Kohli scored a fine 116 off 120 balls. This was the 40th century of Kohli's ODI career.
After Kohli, no Indian batsman has touched the 50th. Vijay Shankar scored 46 runs off 41 balls.
Apart from Ambati Rayudu, 18, Kedar Jadhav, Dhoni, Dhoni and Jadeja scored 21 runs.
Australian Bowling Sharp Bowling
Australia's Pet Cummins and Adam Zampa had broken the back of Indian batting with their superb bowling.
Bowling started by Australia's Pet Cummins and in the first over of the match, Rohit Sharma was caught by Adam Zampa.
It was a big blow to Team India because Rohit Sharma is known for his excellent performance against Australia.

After this, Glenn Maxwell lbw Shikhar Dhawan out on the third ball of the eighth over.
Nathan Lyon made Ambati Rayudu out on a total of 18 runs as the third wicket.
Vijay Shankar, Kedar Jadhav and Mahendra Dhoni were dismissed after this. By this time, India's total was only 171 runs on the loss of six wickets.
Steyn Cummins dismissed Jadeja and dismissed Tim India for 47.5 overs and Nathan Coulter dismissed Jaspreet Bumrah on 48.2 overs to help India score 250 runs.

What is the truth of the claim of 'death of 292 extremists' in Balakot?

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On the social media, an alleged Whatsapp chat is being claimed that 292 extremists were killed in an attack by the Indian Air Force in Balakot, Pakistan.

Those who have shared screenshots of this alleged conversation in Whitesap Groups and Facebook Groups have claimed that these conversations have happened between any of their Indian friends and someone named 'Doctor Ijaz' who lives in Balakot.

Most people have shared 3 screenshots with this claim.
Some people have also claimed that the person whose name is visible in the screenshot is only a doctor in Balakot and the day the air strikes were held, they were present near the spot. So they can tell the exact figure of the dead. '

What's in the screenshot?

Are viral on social media this 'chat' look on starting something significant like this:
Character 1: Hey brother what is this ... Tomorrow, the Indian Army has an Air Strike ... Is this a true story or is the media showing itself?
Character 2: Janab, some air force aircrafts were in Balakot and the nearby area ... but it is wrong to cross the LoC ... but Allah has mercy.
Character 1: Yes, some 12 planes went ... but if Jaish-e-Mohammad attacks Pakistan, then India will not answer it ... And brother, tell how many people were killed?
Character 2: Brother ... no locals were killed ... those who were killed were extremists ... we were troubled by them.

This is the part of the so-called conversation that has been shared most frequently on social media.
The number of dead in this screenshot is almost as much as some of India's media channels have been saying on the basis of unconfirmed information.
Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah also said that more than 250 extremists were killed in this attack on Sunday.
Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa said on Monday that counting the number of people killed in the attack is not of the Air Force. Those goals were given to Air Force, they hit them.
The Government of India has not officially issued any statement on the number of people killed in this attack.

Message - True or Lies?

On the basis of whatsapp messages, people who understand the fact that 292 extremists are correct, they actually seem to have a sophisticated message, because the most important thing is that there is no medical university in Balakot town of Pakistan.
Balakot is in Manchera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This town is one of the four ancient coastal areas of the Indus Valley Civilization and is situated on the banks of the Kunhar river.
The most popular Balakot for tourism in Pakistan is located approximately 160 kilometers from the capital of Islamabad.
According to the Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan, the closest government medical college for people in Balakot town is located in Abbottabad.
The Indian Air Force had on Tuesday banned the bomb near Balakot on 26th February, the BBC's ally, Mr Jarral, who first spoke to locals and eyewitnesses, has confirmed this .
He told BBC correspondent Prashant Chahal , "There is no medical university in Balakot. There is only one 'Basic Health Unit' in Balakot, which has a Doctor and some people are staffed. There is no facility to recruit patients is."

Jarral explains, "After the attack, we had seen the 'Basic Health Unit' of Balakot, Mansarra and Garhi Bulla, but there was no one injured person there, all of which were located at a distance of about half an hour from the location of the Health Center attack. Are. "
Journalist Shariz Hassan, who had been living in Punjab from Punjab, made fun of this viral message on Twitter saying that 'terrorism' and 'wounded' words are not used in Pakistan.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Alabama: 23 people die due to storm

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At least 23 people have died after coming to the United States of Alabama to hit the storm. Some children are also included in the death.

A government official has said that the figure of death can increase, but due to the darkness, the rescue work has to be stopped.
However, the number of injured is yet to be ascertained. The administration has sealed the entire area.
According to the National Weather Service, the wind speed at the time of the storm was 165 miles per hour.
The administration says that he is identifying the victims and the injured.
Rescuers have not been able to reach some places, people have been called from many other states for their help.
How much was the loss ?
An officer J. Jonas called this storm a "catastrophic storm."
In Alabama, the power of the house of four thousand people has been cut, and in Lee County alone there is no electricity in the house of two thousand people.
After the storm, there is a possibility of a severe chill in the area.
Alabama weather researcher Eric tweeted that the number of deaths caused by a storm in Lei county has not happened in the whole of the United States in 2018.


Governor of Alabama, Ivy warned people on Twitter that in the coming time the weather could be bad.
America's President Donald Trump has tweeted the people to be alert and safe.
Schools in Lee County are closed.
Apple-born Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he was very hurt by this news. He said that 'Lee County has always been close to my heart.'
National Weather Service has said that they will send three survey teams to take stock of the storm caused by the storm.

How do the soldiers know that the war is for the country or for the government

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It is fine that some fears are good but many fears are not good.

Rather than being a weapon of relief and progress, instead of becoming a weapon of progress and progress, they started scaring hundreds of crores of people across boundaries like those who have nothing except fear of losing life, so this fear is not good.
When the question arises in the heart of the soldier that he is giving life to the country or for any government and whether this country and the government will take care of his family fully after that or leave his family on their own No such fear is good.
When the voter is prepared to fear that the person I am voting will consider this vote as his own promise or will make my vote a ladder of selfish practice then this fear is not good.
The foundation of the relations of any two countries can be found in the land, the bricks of fear and the ignorance of ignorance, but to understand each other, every window of the brain should be closed and this window should never fall into the heart. So this fear is not good.

When it is feared that only a terrorist is enough to justify the practical wisdom of the whole country to make a hostage on his impotent agenda, then this fear is not good.
When it is feared that the media can reduce the fear of spreading from any event and encourage those who fear, and instead of going to the bottom of this incident, instead of searching the petrol of the mouth in the mouth and start shouting towards the sky If you do this then thinking that the fear that is born is not good.
If you do not believe then the example of Rwanda is present. Where the radio and the channels had plundered millions of corpses under the guise of huts and turses and there was not a single shit on the neck.
When I become part of the crowd only because of this fear that if I do not become part of the crowd then I will die or my hookah-water will be stopped or it will be full of fear, then this fear is not good.

Even when the devil of fascism came to frighten me in the hope of democracy, then this fear is not good. When I kill the victim at the fear that someone has told me that if he does not hit him today, then one day he will kill me, then this fear is neither good for me nor for the front person.
This fear is good only for those who have no other weapon except to scare them. Someone may even tell how to kill fear so that fear can scare away.
There will definitely be such a way, but what will happen to those who scare again, and then what will happen to the production of fear and the industry?

#Balakot: Why did Pakistan counter strike when it dropped bombs in the jungle: Air Force chief Dhanah

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Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoa has given statement on the forthcoming move ahead of the Balakote attack in Pakistan on Monday, Wing Commander congratulations and against extremism.

After the extremist attack in Pulwama of India-administered Kashmir, Indian Air Force attacked in Balakot area of ​​Pakistan. India had said that it targeted the training camp of extremist organization Jaish-e Mohammed, although Pakistan denies this claim of India.
There are various discussions about this attack in the media and among these discussions, the Air Chief has answered some unresolved questions.

How many extremists were killed in the air strikes?

The target that was given to Indian Air Force was hit. If we had dropped bombs in the jungles, then why would Pakistan need to respond? Air Force can not say how many people were killed in the attack because we did not count the number of people who died. After this campaign, the damage caused to the bomb has been assessed. And the number of deaths depends on the presence of people present at that place during the attack.

Why did MiG-21 bison be used?

If the IAF has MiG-21 bison, then why would the Air Force not use them? The Air Force is still running the campaign, in such a situation, I will not say which aircraft we are using. As far as MiG-21 aircraft is concerned, it is a strong aircraft, it has been upgraded some time ago. There are all things in it, including air-to-air missiles, better radar systems, which change it from a plane of a third generation to a three-and-a-half janation plane. Air Force uses all the aircraft present.

Will the Wing commander now be able to fly congratulatory fighter aircraft?
Wing Commander congratulations present had to be ejected from his plane. Whether or not they sit in the cockpit of Fighter Plane, it will depend on their medical fitness. If they need some kind of treatment then they will be given treatment. After this he will be able to fly fighter aircraft after his medical fitness has been proven.

Will the Wing Commander congratulate the unit?

We normally do not change the unit so quickly. Until he recovers, he will not be able to fly the fighter plane. I want to tell you that I had to leave the plane once and it had a serious effect on the body. If the body does not reclaim after the first ejection and you make an ejection once again, then the pilot may have to pass on the whole wheelchair. In such a situation, we can not take a chance on the fitness of a fighter pilot.
You know that even in the selection of fighter pilot, the percentage of failure is very high as we examine the candidate's spinal cord etc. so that it can be ascertained whether he will be able to tolerate ejection or not.

Did Pakistan violate the agreement with the United States?
I do not know what the terms of the contract for F-16 planes between Pakistan and USA are. If the terms of the agreement include these planes can not be used in aggressive activities then they must have violated these conditions. Because we have got pieces of ammunition missiles in our area which we have also shown. I think he lost his F-16 Aircraft Aircraft in the air struggle. In this way they are definitely using the F-16 aircraft for us.

India does not want war between India and Pakistan

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India's largest neighbour is China, which has a long border of India. There is a border of 3,500 kilometers between the two countries.

In 1962, there has been a war between the two countries, in which India had to face a shameful defeat. Pakistan is an all-time friend of China, where China has invested $ 60 billion under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project.
India and Pakistan have historically hostile relationships. There have been two wars between the two countries. Apart from this, tensions in Kashmir are also maintained in both the countries.
China and Pakistan have friendship, but China-neutral between India and Pakistan was in both wars (1965 and 1971). In these wars, China did not provide military assistance to Pakistan against India.
When there is tension in India and Pakistan, then everyone is waiting for China's stance. Pakistan expects that China's sympathy will remain with her. Although China is on Kashmir, the two countries resolve this issue through negotiations.

Diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan have reached the lowest level in the last two weeks. After more than 40 CRPF jawans were killed in the Pulwama district of India-administered Kashmir, India took action in Balakot, Pakistan.
After this, Pakistan killed a fighter plane from India across the LoC and arrested the pilot. Although Pakistan released the pilot, the conditions are still stressful.
It is being said that India attacked this kind of attack in Pakistan for the first time since 1971. There is a dispute over Kashmir which also limits the Chinese side. China has different ties with Pakistan and India, but it is not easy for both of them to take a candid side of one country.
China has very close economic, diplomatic and military relations with Pakistan. China is facing a long trade war from the United States and is looking for an alternative partner.
In such a situation, emerging economy like India is not a bad option for China. Prime Minister Modi has gone to China many times during his five-year tenure.
This week, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had asked India and Pakistan to maintain self-restraint and focus on the terrain peace and stability.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Mahmoud Qureshi had called Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi between this tension and requested India to play constructive role in reducing tension.
In this phone, the Foreign Minister of China had said, "All countries must follow sovereignty and territorial unity. China does not want to be an action that violates rules and regulations of international relations. "
Steve Song is the director of China Institute at the SOAS University of London. Sang told CNNthat if tension increases in India and Pakistan, then it will not benefit China at any level. "

Sung says, "China can not afford to be catastrophic in Pakistan, but in the same way I feel that China does not want that Indians engage in this war."
Sanga believes that the long-standing tension between Kashmir and Pakistan between Pakistan and India has never been a big problem for China. There was no impact on the friendship of China and Pakistan in this tension, but this week it was a situation of tension between the two countries and it was also uncomfortable for China.
Sung says, "China wants to do something that is doing something to reduce the tension, but does not want to weaken its commitment to Pakistan. But China also does not want to go so much in favor of Pakistan that India donald trump should go completely in the yard. "
India says that it is taking action against terrorism in Kashmir and Balakot has also targeted militant hideouts.

China has organized mass camps for Weigar Muslims in their northwestern province of Shinjiang. This is China's most controversial policy and it is being criticized all over the world. China justifies it and argues that it is a necessary step to fight terrorism.
Song believes that in such a situation, China can not be rigidly with India because China is also acting against terrorism. In such a situation, China has the best option to talk about peace establishment between the two countries.
Han Hague is an expert in South Asia Studies at Peking University She says that China has strong ties with Pakistan while the United States has an influence in India.
Sustainability in South Asia is in the right of China and he would not want it to be broken. "
For the last several years, China has moved forward in South Asia with a balance of policy. He can not manage his economic interests in the atmosphere of tension in this area. In July 2017, there was a military tension between China and India for months in Dokalam.

Docmal is in Bhutan and India says that it is building a military in the border area which is a violation of the rules.
The soldiers of both countries are face to face for months. But in April 2018, before a formal meeting between India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China's President Xi Jinping, a positive initiative has emerged and stress was over.
China's official newspaper Daily China says there is a difference between the two countries but the common interests of both of them are high. Therefore the differences are left behind. China has historically been a friend of Pakistan and it is. Pakistan is the biggest buyer of Chinese arms. According to the Think Tank CSIS , between 2008 and 2017, Pakistan has made a $ 6 billion arms deal with China.